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Who we are...

Pak Rice one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Pakistan's leading branded food exporters.

We supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products, and through our successful food ingredients and foodservice divisions, contribute to thousands of other brands and businesses the world over. We’re a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Pakistan.

Our Story

We are a collective of passionate families from across pakistan, united by our shared commitment to providing healthy food options without the waste.

Our Vision

Agronix is a dynamic rice food company with a vision to become the World’s Favourite Rice Food Company. Through innovation, initiative and operating excellence develop great-tasting and nutritious foods that excite and satisfy consumers all over the world.

Our Corporate Goals 

1. To deliver unbeatable products and services
2. To have leadership that inspires and rewards excellence
3. To have winning business relationships
4. To understand our responsibility to achieve financial targets

Our Corporate Values
a. Dynamic
b. Integrity
c. Community
d. Innovative
e. Collaborative

A Lagcy of 130+ Years
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